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  • Apply: 1.Micro precision parts production; 2.long-term or small orders;3.samples for testing ;4.air cleanliness workshop production ;5.for teaching and training; pursuit the quality of products to be more stable  1.Ultra-high-sprformance dual-core CPU,computing speed 0.13us,shortest cycle control only62.5us,the machine is  realized,high-speed and reliable operat..
  • Clamping force::55-250Ton Vertical injection, easy to insert R2- three column two station Disk R3- 4 three station disk multi station (disc two to one Four lower mold) double slide design, increase production capacity ..
  • 1. At the open die force data point, when the high pressure open die is enabled, 2. The data in front of the slash at the opening mode is the opening mode stroke at the minimum thickness. After the slash is the maximum open mode stroke; Calculation formula: theoretical injection volume(cm '''''''') * injection pressure(Mpa) / 100; 3. The bearing weight of the moving template is 2/3 of the wei..
  • Features   1.Multi stage precision mold temperature control; 2.LSR special water-cooled closed nozzle; 3.LSR special material tube group; 4.Heat insulation Cooling plate; 5.Turntable design,improve production efficiency; 6.Special feeding improve pr..

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Wotboy Eight Application Fields:Electronic Appliance、Daily Chemicals、 Car、Mother And Baby Articles、LED、Medical Equipment、Mobile Accessories、Other。
Dongguan Bo Chuan Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd., the company headquarters is located in the most beautiful town in Dongguan China Qingxi Town, always adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, quality first" management of faith, both at home and abroad to lay a solid foundation, China become well-known professional brand.

We have been pursuing professional development, always adhere to the "quality first, customer first, always grasp the core technology of high-end precision, manufacturing process and product quality exquisite control

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